What a Rush: Leadership

WOW! I cannot believe I’ve been in the Sorority for a month and that we are already talking about recruiting new women in the spring! It’s been a really great experience and I think it’s for several reasons:

1. I’m a founding sister– This may not seem like a big deal, but in reality it is because there’s no one higher than me; no one who’s been in it longer. We are all equal.

2. My University has a small Greek life community– there’s the possibility to get to know a lot of people (especially from the other chapters) and ultimately I knew so many people already (being a Senior) that it just makes it easier to hang out with the same people I’ve always hung out with.

3. My Sorority and University has a “zero tolerance” policy when it comes to hazing– if hazing was a part of my experience, I would not have liked it and I don’t think I would have even “rushed.” These women are your sisters; they are supposed to be there no matter what, I just don’t see how treating someone like an underling can instill a sense of bonding and sisterhood– we should always all be equal in our sisterhood and commitment to the sorority and I think that’s a vital part of my experience.

I can’t wait for elections this Sunday and then we finally get installed in two weeks!! It’s an amazing experience– or so I hear! I think I’ll enjoy it!

Has this blog made anyone want to rush? What are your thoughts? Shoot me an email or add a comment here!

XOXO Rush Girl 😉

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