What a Rush: Making the Grade

What a bummer! I thought I’d know if I got in the sorority by last Thursday, but they decided to change the bid day (because so many women applied) to next Thursday. We have more meet the sister events and philanthropy nights though, so that gives me an opportunity to meet sisters from the national and local chapters to help me make the most informed decision possible.

Last night we had a meet the women of Greek life event where I got to meet all of the sisters from all of the chapters on campus. It was interesting to see what organizations they support, what type of events they hold and what work they do with one another. After their PowerPoint I was more convinced than ever that going Greek was the right thing for me.

The dry rush period is slightly difficult as that is also a new rule being imposed with the extension of Bid Day. Now I’m not an alcoholic by any means, but it is straining my relationships with my non-Greek and non-rushing friends because they don’t understand that I have events that I’m required to go, and also the fact that I can’t go out. I haven’t been out in three weekends and it’s really cramping my “getting a boy-toy” style! Boyfriends, my dears, are highly over rated, but dating someone (and I’m not talking about casual sex here) is absolutely fabulous, however I haven’t had time to go out and acquire one of those handy dandy handsome boys. Hopefully that will change once bids are announced.

It’s also super hard to balance my blogging, jobs and internships –and oh yea classes—with all of the activities I need to do. I’m on the e-board for a few of my other on campus activities and I can see that I am going to have to decrease some of my involvement in order to give the sorority as much as I want to give it. I think I will slowly see my non-Greek friends fade away, but I don’t think this will be consistent across the board. That is my true friends—Greek or not—will continue to be my true friends. It’s only those who never really were “there” for me that will fade away.

Keep your fingers crossed!! I’m hoping to hear next Thursday =)

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