What a Rush: Recruitment and Sisterhood.

This is the most interesting stage of the my “initiation” into Greek Life. I never before realized how much these chapters were like small businesses. It’s a bit stressful to be honest. It makes a lot of people very power hungry and thereby results in damages to our sisterhood– in my opinion.

Women are always catty, but give them a high position and POOF! they can be more catty then tiger. That’s one of the only things I’m slightly unhappy with right now, however I think I will be able to fix this problem by working through my differences and ultimately handling everything in a classy way.

I’m happy with a variety of things– I really love knowing that if I need someone I have about 10 very close sisters that would be there for me in an instant. And that is something I’ve never had!

Additionally, it’s been so hard to keep up with certain groups of friends because I want to be with my sisters– they have my schedule and they know me better than anyone has before. My other non-greek friends are having quite an issue with this. I’m not sure how I will balance this but I’ve been trying. I also think that as I’ve grown up I’ve grown apart from this specific group of friends in more ways than one and unfortunately I believe I would have stopped hanging out with them even if I had never become greek.

I’m planning to spend a little non-greek time this weekend and I’ll report back on how that feels…I’m not really happy about it, but I will see how I feel after I’m done with classes and work today.

xoxo Rush Girl 😉

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