What a Rush: Sisterhood

Rushing for UCR is one of the best things I ever did, being a member is even better!! I never had a sister, or any siblings for that matter, and never really knew what it was to belong to an organization where-by design- everyone is in it to help everyone else. If you have an event, you can work with each group (team, committee, whatever you call it) that forms the bigger group (the sorority or fraternity) to accomplish SO MANY GOALS!! It’s amazing what a group of like minded people can do!

I feel so blessed to be a part of this, and cannot believe I never tried to do this before! I think, however, that I would have had a different experience had I rushed a different sorority because UCR is the only one that fits for me– there is one sorority out there for everyone (I believe) and the minute you walk in the first info session you should know- I did and I think once you find the right one you will too! Sorority life is one of the most fulfilling things I’ve done in college and I strongly encourage everyone to at least consider it!

Personally, it has been a little difficult. I’ve always had a bunch of groups of friends and have always been very good at balancing- spending one night of the weekend, or every other weekend, with each group. Now, however, one group is highly unhappy that I am now a sorority girl and that is sad and heartbreaking. Joining an organization- whether it’s a sorority, club, althetic group, etc- is always a big commitment and I believe that your real friends will always be there for you– it’s big moves in your life like this that make you realize whose true and whose not.

I’ve also had to drop one of my jobs– I simply couldn’t keep up with working the weekends AND the weekdays AND still having enough time to be part of all the school activities I need to be a part of.

Hopefully things will balance out– my personal life (i.e. going out) is really good because now I have so many different groups to go out with–all within my sorority! It’s so nice to go out and be greeted by a happy face- no matter where you go– it’s like always having your family around.

I hope you are all enjoying it as much as I am– keep me updated!!

xoxox Rush Girl 😉

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