What a Rush: “Sorority Wars”

Last Sunday I watched the Lifetime movie, “Sorority Wars,” and was actually excited that it gave me surprisingly realistic taste of sorority life. It explained legacies, which is obviously a daughter of a former sorority sister. The two women in this movie compete in greek week– which was the most similar activity to what I’ve gone through thus far.

The catty-ness is not there, but in truth the way the women compete in their “tri-crown challenge” is very similar to our Greek Week here– of course without the hollywood dramatization.

I adore every aspect of sorority life and the movie sorority wars made me love my sisters even more!!

We also go to attend an open ceremony for one of the new fraternities on campus this week– what an experience! It’s so interesting to see how the “other” side does it. Their ceremony was open, but contained open ritual. Ritual is the thing women and men in greek life CAN’T talk about, so it was interesting for me to see a form of open ritual as many other greek organizations on my campus do not have them.

I stayed in last night, as I’ve been doing a lot on Thursdays to get all my homework done. It’s a little hectic, but I also hung out with (as I haven’t been doing) my non- Greek friends. It’s vitally important to balance that, as I’m slowly learning.

I also quit one of my jobs, so now I just have class/work monday-friday, giving me PLENTY more time to be involved with the sorority, which I think is important. I feel like I made the commitment and now need to stand by it– this is for me– it will never change no matter what happens in my life and I need to take advantage of it =).

P.S. Heard that there’s a big alumnae ball in my home-state, guess who will be working her way onto that list….

xoxo Rush Girl 😉

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