What In the World is a Mog……A Music Blog?

Are you more into music than fashion or politics? Do you live for new release dates on iTunes? Did you ever _(be honest)_ have a program called Napster, Morpheus, Kazaa, or WinMX on your computer? Is your favorite feature on your myspace the song controller?

*Go to "www.mog.com"://www.mog.com for a new breed of blog: the _music_ blog.*

Adjusting to Life After Study Abroad

Check out Lauren Tetenbaum’s new article on her experience re-adjusting to life in NYC after spending a semester in Rome, Italy! "There’s life after study abroad!"://www.universitychic.com/taxonomy/term/122

Fashion Blog:

Every now and then, a movie comes out that really inspires me fashion wise. I wrote a while ago about Annie Hall. Others I can remember are Girls Just Want To Have Fun, Clueless _(think plaid and feathers – hey, it was the 90’s!)_, and You’ve Got Mail. Sure to inspire is the soon-to-be-released, The Devil Wears Prada. I was also impressed with Jennifer Aniston’s wardrobe in The Break Up, this ensemble particulary. Has anyone noticed that it’s really hard to find that shade of grayish tan?

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