What Your Mom Wants on Mother’s Day


It’s May, which means that school is coming to an end, graduation is around the corner and that special day to celebrate your mother is this weekend.

Even though you should honor your mother every day, Mother’s Day is on May 10, so be sure to do something special for her.  If you haven’t bought a gift yet, don’t worry. There is still time. With that being said it isn’t just about the material objects you can buy your mom. It is about getting your mom what she really wants…



100 Reasons You Love Your Mom

You’ve probably seen these on Pinterest as “100 Date Ideas” or “100 Reasons to Love your Boyfriend,” but with a little tweaking, it can be a great, heartfelt gift for your mom. Grab a Mason jar and 100 popsicle sticks and deem them with reasons you love and appreciate your mother, 365 days a year. Decorate the Mason jar, and you have a set gift.

Make a Card 

This might be the easiest in the bunch. But it also can be the sweetest. Simply go to your local craft store, buy some paint, decorative paper or tape and a few special markers. Create a card in honor of your mother. Write her a letter from your heart. You might be surprised how much a card will mean to your mother.

Breakfast in Bed

Moms are busy people. They spend a lot of time caring for others. So on Mother’s Day think about how you can put your mom first. If you are at home, let her sleep in. Get up and make her a delicious healthy breakfast. Even do the dishes! Be the mom for the day.

Hope a few of these ideas have helped you decide how to celebrate your mom. Again, remember it isn’t about buying your mom something big. It is about spending meaningful quality time together.


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