Whatcha Think?: Baby Boom Among Unwed Celebs

Has anyone else noticed how when unwed celebrities become parents, it's a celebration of two people having their first child together, but when the average joe and joe-ette become pregnant, it's still a frowned upon matter?
Matthew McConaughey and girlfriend Camilla Alves are the latest in a long line of celebrity couples to announce that they are expecting a child. According to McConaughey's blog, he writes, "My girlfriend Camila and I made a baby together." The statement is rather oddly phrased, but hey, Matthew's kind of an odd guy.
In any case, McConaughey, just like Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, and other stars expecting or having children, is receiving praise and comments about the joy of parenthood, despite the fact that in other places around the U.S., unlike Hollywood, still consider children born or conceived out of wedlock a taboo. It's not necessarily that celebrities are rich so they can afford to give a good life to a baby, and it's certainly not because they have long and faithful relationships with their partners.
So what is it? What do you think? Do stars get special status that exempts them from a consensus of societal pressures that regular people face about having children without first being married?

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