Whatcha Think?: Facebook Keeps Your Information…Forever.

According to a recent New York Times article, Facebook keeps your information forever. That means, even if you delete your account, people can still search for your name and potentially email you, at the very least.

Your information is kept on Facebook’s servers until Facebook chooses to delete it. One user was forced to threaten legal action, after attempting to reason with Facebook representatives, before the company wiped his personal information off of their databases.

Facebook argues that they keep your information, just in case you want to reactivate your account. If a user who chose to delete their account changes their mind, they can return to their profile, finding everything untouched. They argue it’s for convenience for the user.

This, to many Facebook users, is an invasion of their private life, that people will be able to search for any information they left on their account indefinitely.

What do you think? Would you be angry if Facebook didn’t completely delete your account?

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