Whatcha Think?: Facebook Now Showing Movies?

Does anyone else think Facebook is getting to be a little too much? Oh sure, we all hated it when it became available to high schoolers. And then the rest of the public. And then there was the news feed. Boy, there was a huge backlash on that one, but it stayed nevertheless. And then there was the marketplace (which flopped, in my opinion). And then they included applications. Bumper Stickers or JetMan anyone?

The latest from Facebook? MOVIE CLIPS.

Sure, it’s not going to be whole movies, but still. The new application VooZoo will allow users to watch parts of movies backed by Paramount Pictures on their Facebook account.

I thought Facebook was supposed to be a social networking device. It’s not somewhere where you play games, draw graffiti, or sell your used camera. And it’s certainly not a place to watch movies. I thought it was supposed to help us keep in touch with friends…and perhaps make new ones.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Bumper Stickers and I enjoy looking at photos online. But what happened to good ol’ Facebook?

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