Whatcha Think?: Harry Potter’s Enemy Sings on YouTube!

Another actor turned singer? The latest is Tom Felton, of Harry Potter fame. Felton, who plays Harry's terrible schoolmate, Draco Malfoy, has posted a few videos on YouTube of him singing and playing the guitar.

And guess what? He's actually relatively decent.

His guitar skills are pretty good – he sounds a lot like Jack Johnson, to me. His voice isn't half bad, but with vocal training, could probably hit notes more clearly. He's in tune most of the time, but sometimes he drops the note. His accent is very apparent when he sings, which isn't the case with most British singers, it seems.

I'd say don't give up your day job as an actor yet, Tom. But if he needs to fall back on this, he's probably still make a ton because of his Harry Potter popularity. Work on your lyrics, sharpen up your voice, and Tom, you might be more than just "not half bad."

You can find his videos under his username, Feltbeats.

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