Whatcha Think?: New “Mockumentary” Plays Off of Typical College Dorm Life

A new web series called “Dorm Life” follows 10 college students living in 5 South, their dorm at a fictional college where they all reside on the same floor. This new project is turning heads, because it has the appeal of a reality television series but the characters are played by actors. Think MTV’s “Real World” but entirely scripted. In addition, the episodes are only featured online, something that indicates a move toward online technology in terms of the developing future.

The episodes will be accompanied by a website, dorm-life.com, that shows faux webcam videos from the characters, photos, etc. with new posts every day to help draw in a loyal fan base by allowing viewers to get closer to the show’s characters. To appeal to the older teens and college students demographic, the website is set up like a cork board found in a typical college dorm room. All of the contents are posted up on the cork board as if the characters had tacked the push pins in themselves.

So will you be watching the show? I’m not going to lie, I’m not so sure this appeals to me. There’s enough drama and antics around the dorms on my campus that I’m not sure if I’ll need a second set of havoc-causing students.

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