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All Missing Egyptian Students Have been Located

Montana State University granted 17 Egyptian students acceptance to study in a monthlong program, but only six of the students arrived in Montana by the start date. The other 11 students have been located around the country in Chicago, Richmond, VA, Maryland, Iowa and Minneapolis, leading authorities to question their intentions in coming into the U.S.

It raises the question, should students who go abroad be provided travel by the university or left to secure it on their own? Should a group have to travel together? And how involved should the government be in deciding what countries students can travel in and out of?

College Couture: The iPod Clutchette

Coming to Target soon, it’s the Uptown Clutch, an iPod nano wallet from Pacific Design. It’s a clutch/wristlet that holds your iPod Nano with easy access so you can change your song, and also carry all your necessary items _(credit cards, cash, student id)_. They come in a variety of colors and patterns and even has a little pouch for your earbuds too. Look for it this fall.

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