What's Wrong With "We Met Online"? Maybe More Than You Think…

_Here’s an interesting article._ It seems that a lot of people who found love online, are hesitant to tell friends and acquaintances that’s how they met.

_”So how’d you two meet?” Show up to any social event with a date, and you’re bound to hear this question. And for the many people who’ve met someone through an online dating site, it can feel like a tough one to answer. While some people have no qualms about sharing the details, others feel a bit embarrassed to go public with the information, somehow feeling it would be more “appropriate” if they had met their date just by accident, without really trying._

College Couture: Scary Pricetags

Usually when I flip through the pages of Elle, Vogue, and Bazaar, I have to laugh at the pricetags of all the accessories. $4,000 for a bag, $1200 for a bracelet. But I have to say, if I had an extra $645 dollars lying around, I would probably buy these new Chanel slingbacks. And that’s a frightening thought. _Quick! Cut up my credit card!_”

Single in the City….But Which City?

Forbes has released a list of the top ten cities to live in if you’re single. Denver, Colorado is the best. Followed by Boston, Phoenix, San Francisco, New York, Raleigh, Seattle, Austin, Washington D.C./Baltimore and Miami. “Read the Article”://www.forbes.com/lists/2006/3/06singles_Best-Cities-For-Singles_land.html

College Couture: Could this be love?

Browsing through Anthropologie, I saw this tote bag. It’s gorgeous. It’s kind of an antiqued leather that looks even better the more scratched and banged up it gets. This could be the love of my life. It could fit my computer, it could fit magazines, books, it’s the perfect airplane bag. It’s lined in canvas, so I could put a water bottle in it. It’s $578, which to me, is a small fortune. Unless I find $500 dollars on the ground, I don’t think I’ll be getting it.

Putting Your Tuition on Your Credit Care: Smart, Stupid, or Necessary?

A growing number of students charge their college tuition on a credit card, carrying over a balance month to month. Some universities have implemented policies to prohibit students from paying with a credit card to discourage borrowing money for school at a high interest rate.

“Read the Article”://www.cnn.com/2006/EDUCATION/07/17/college.credit.cards.ap/index.html

College Couture: Get Free Shipping at UrbanOutfitters.com

Just ordered this dress from Urban Outfitters _(it looks better without the red belt and leggings)_ and I’m always shocked at how much some companies charge for shipping. _I’ve been to the post office…it shouldn’t cost $15._ On the site, it said if I spent $150, then I’d get free shipping. So, right before checkout, I googled *”Urban Outfitters Promo Code”* and found a blog that said *0711urb73* would get me free shipping. I plugged it in and it worked! Is this ethical? If a company releases a promo code to some, should it be available to all?

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