What’s in Your Closet, Angela Barrett?

Oddly enough, what’s in my closet isn’t worn on the outside of your clothes. It still gives you sex appeal and a super boost of confidence; the only difference is people just can’t see that you’re wearing one. But if people know you well enough, they will notice a difference in your body.

 So you’re probably wondering, “what in the world is in this girl’s closet?” Don’t be alarmed, it’s just a girdle, but not like Grandma’s. It’s currently known as a body shaper.

Recently I was preparing to host an awards show at school and I wanted to make sure I looked stunning. I know my body, and I look my best in a dress that’s fitted at the top but then flares out towards the bottom. I think Beyonce explains it best as being a “Freakum Dress.”

When I tried it on, I had the right amount of cleavage and my calves never looked better. The only problem was right around the tummy area was excessive flesh that I didn’t need. I was totally not ready for this jelly. There was no way that I could possibly get rid of it by sweating it off in the gym in less than 24 hours. I panicked and even contemplated postponing the show just so that I could do a crash diet and loose 10 pounds in like 10 minutes.

Unfortunately there’s not a fad diet out there that does that.

So I went to the back of the lingerie section of my favorite department store and ended up in a world full of body shapers. I thought, “What’s the point of ever working out? These bad boys will hide all of my flaws!”

Body shapers actually come in different colors, sizes, and are made to target specific problem areas. There are body shapers that focus on minimizing hips, thighs, and my favorite the treacherous tummy-section. They’re also very affordable! The body-shaper I purchased was only $12.00.

So you might be thinking, “why is her girdle in her closet and not tucked away in her underwear drawer somewhere?” Well, it’s simple, when I decide to put my Freakum dress back on I want to make sure I remember to wear my girdle so that I keep everything in place. So now that you know what’s in my closet, don’t be shy, tell us what’s in yours!

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