What's in Your Closet, Ashley Feucht?

This weekend, my closet underwent its annual Spring transformation. I weeded out all of the bulky, winter sweaters in my wardrobe at school and replaced them with the spring skirts and Bermuda shorts that had been hibernating in the closet at my parent’s house. The pieces mixed great with some of the new clothes I’ve already bought this season and I’m having a blast making outfits for every occasion. Here are some of my wardrobe essentials for spring:

Sundresses. When I’m in a rush, I throw on a breezy sundress with a pair of sandals or flats, add a dash of accessory, and I’m ready to go. Layering a tank under a sundress with a deep neckline is also one of my favorite looks. Sundresses are simple, but stunningly flattering – not to mention, super comfortable. I always find cute, cheap sundresses at Forever 21 and Delia’s.






Bohemian skirts. I’m a bit of a hippie when I’m dressed down, so I live in flowy, boho skirts when the weather is warm. They look great with flats, sandals, and wedges and make perfect beach cover ups. I try to wear bohemian skirts with hemlines just below the knee because longer skirts accentuate my short stature and shorter skirts inevitably lead to wardrobe malfunctions.








Bermuda shorts. Initially, I was skeptical of Bermuda shorts. In a day when capris and gaucho pants dominated my wardrobe, I was reluctant to give them a chance. To me, they looked boyish – like something Avril Lavigne would wear during her skater girl years. I finally gave them a shot last summer in the American Eagle dressing room. I expected to hate them, but they were surprisingly flattering and I instantly fell in love with the length. They’re great paired with t-shirts or tank tops and can even be sexified with a pair of stilettos. I’m addicted! I have solid colored, striped, and plaid Bermuda shorts and I can’t wait to add more to my collection this season.




Lucky jeans. I love love love Lucky Brand. Their tie dye prints, peace signs, and boho theme perfectly reflect my style. I love everything from their fragrances to their accessories to their swimsuits. And don’t get me started on their jeans! I have four pairs of Lucky Jeans that I practically live in. The tattered and patched embellishings, sandblasted washes, worn in denim make Lucky jeans my ultimate weakness.







Tees. Gotta love your basic tees. Plain, printed, bold, and muted, T-shirts are simple enough to wear with anything. I’ll wear my Beatles tee with a flowy skirt for a carefree casual look, or accessorize a plain tee with tiers of necklaces to create a little spunk. Tees comfy and casual enough to wear everyday and are versatile enough to be dressed up or down. My XXL t-shirt from Pat’s Steaks (the absolute best place to get a cheese steak in Philly, by the way) was completely unwearable on my petite frame, so I used my sewing machine to transform it into a cute tee that fits in all the right places.







Flats. I wear flats with everything. Metallic flats, leopard print flats, and pointed flats are just a few pairs in my shoe collection. My mom gave me Michael Kors flats for Christmas and they’ve been my favorite ever since. In chocolate brown, they’re dark enough to wear for fall or can be paired with whites, brights, and cream for spring. And they were a total steal at Macy’s for $70.00.







My wardrobe is, by far, my most prized possession. Some students can’t be bothered sifting through their closet for an outfit and, instead, opt for a simple college tee with a pair of shorts. I, on the other hand, am the complete opposite. Sometimes I try on different clothes just for fun, even if it does turn my room into a total mess. To me, creating ensembles is worth the effort because looking like a million bucks makes me feel like a million bucks.

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