What's in Your Closet, Judy Mi Cha Williams?

Call it the Sagittarian in me, but I love to travel, especially to places that are warm, have clear-ocean beaches, and great parties (i.e. St. Lucia, Barbados). Unfortunately, the lack of funds has prevented me from going anywhere lately, causing me to go completely nuts while I lounge around my parent’s Long Island home. But mark my word: I will be in Miami before the end of this summer!!

Pierre Cardin Luggage

 Anyone who knows me knows that I pack a lot, even if my trip is only for a weekend, so luggage is extremely important to me. When I spotted this pink set by Pierre Cardin, I fell in love (and I never believed in love at first sight). Not only is each luggage piece expandable and roomy, but also easy to spot at pick up.




Party Dresses

 I bring at least one party dress for each night of my visit. This particular dress from Body C (http://www.bodyc.com) is light, comfortable, and great to dance in.







Cotton Dresses

 I love to lounge around; therefore, I love casual and cotton dresses such as this one from the GAP (http://www.gap.com) because they are extremely comfortable and I don’t have to worry about putting together an outfit just to hang around in.






Crochet Set

 I found this outfit while browsing the GAP and it’s my absolute favorite thing to wear during the summer. I can wear this while lounging around the poolside or walking on the boardwalk.








 I love polo shirts, especially this Express polo shirt, which I borrowed from my best friend and will never give back! But that’s okay since she has a skirt of mine, which I have never worn, for 3 years. This polo shirt has the deep v-neck which I like and the material is really light. I can pair polo shirts with pretty much anything (skirts, shorts, sweats, cropped pants, jeans, etc.) and I’m guaranteed a polished-looking outfit.





Fancy Footwear

 (left to right: Ann Taylor, Colin Stuart, Splash, Nine West)

I always pack a variety of shoes to make sure I have a pair that will coordinate with at least two of my outfits. These four are always on the go with me.

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