What's in Your Closet, Lativia Jones?

I knew I had it bad when I tried so desperately for days to think of my favorite outfit and I could only think of my shoes–my ultra fabulous shoes.

I wouldn’t call it a fetish, but I should definitely “pump the breaks” on my compulsive shoe-buying (that is, if I’m wearing a pair of ultra comfortable ballet flats), otherwise the best I can do is ease off the gas.

Unlike most college students, my everyday attire consists of stylish slacks, skirts and the occasional frilly top from Ann Taylor LOFT. The jewels of my wardrobe–my shoes–were all bought for fabulously low prices. I purchased Aldo, Mossimo, Isaac Mizrahi, and a bunch of majorly stylish heels bought from Sears, Nordstrom, Payless and the occasional thrift store. But I’m not into labels. I’m into style and affordability.

 My favorite pair of shoes–and the breaking point of me discovering I had serious shoe issues–are my denim and chocolate pair of 4-inch peep-toe heels from my favorite store, Target. They are my favorite outfit; they make any outfit. I bought them a few months ago–compulsively, of course–when I discovered they were on sale for $13!

These shoes are a great representation of me: cute, stylish, sexy and a little risky. I love the details on the peep-toe and the sexy windows near the heel. The extra high-heels aren’t as comfortable as some of my other shoes, but they make my size nine feet look like fives, and they feel so sexy. The shoes are just waiting to be flaunted around campus.


 Rising quickly through the ranks of my shoe collection, are my über-high leopard print heels, also from Target’s Mossimo collection, for the full-priced value of $30. Now while I’m not a big fan of animal prints because I find them reminiscent of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman and Erin Brockovich, these shoes were made to be bought.

The sassy peep-toes are made of a faux suede material, with a 4-inch stiletto and a 1-inch platform. With the mix of black, brown and tan, these shoes can easily push a plain outfit into the style stratosphere.



 But take it from me, for every cute shoe comes a not-so-cute foot ache. Thank goodness for ballet flats! My newest $13 Target investment came in the form of a pair of comfy black Xhiliration ballet flats. These shoes are lifesavers. I keep them in my car, mostly because I don’t like to drive in my heels, but on many occasions these shoes have been a quick fix to a mid-day sore feet dilemma.

The best thing about the shoes is that they are just as comfortable as they are cute, which doesn’t give me the feeling that I’m “ruining” an outfit by wearing them…now if I could only find a brown pair.

So I may not have a favorite outfit, and I may have a thing for shoes, but as long as I can still find great outfits to go with these great shoes, don’t call it a fetish just yet.

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