What's in Your Closet, Lindsay Scalera?

This is my new little party ensemble. I got the dress at Forever 21 for $11, and the purse is from Claire’s, which I got for $10. Clutches are my favorite! I’m planning on wearing it this week for an engagement party I was invited to.

After living with fake Uggs for years, I was ecstatic to finally get the real thing! These are my “everyday” shoes. Since I go to school in the mountains, I have to do whatever I can to keep my feet warm! I wear them everywhere around campus. I got them on sale for $89. I especially love wearing them with this pair of Old Navy jeans rolled up that I got for $4.


 Earrings are my must have for every outfit. I have so many pairs that I had to buy a bulletin board to keep them all on. Even if I don’t put a lot of thought into my outfit, I like to wear fun earrings everyday. Most of them are from places like Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Claire’s (10 for $10 is a steal!) and Rue 21.



These are my most favorite shoes ever! I originally saw a Jessica Simpson pair that I really wanted for $80 at Macy’s. Then I went to visit a friend in NY and found an identical pair at Marshall’s in Syracuse. The brand is Jazzberry, which I’ve never heard of, but I got them for $15! They are my ultimate party shoes, they kill but I love them. I want to make a special shelf for them in my room so I can just look at them all the time.


This is my favorite hanging out ensemble. I wear it to yoga class or when I hit the library late at night. The rugby shirt I actually got in the little boys department at Old Navy for $4. The sweats are from Victoria’s Secret, and I think they were like $30. I love that they roll up at the bottom and I can pull them as high or low as I want.


 My favorite all around, goes with anything purse I got it at the Gap, and it was only $9!







This is just a cheesy pic of me in my closet. It is one of the few places in life that I am actually organized. Notice that the clothes go from light to dark and all the hangers are the same! I know, anal retentive, but I always find exactly what I am looking for!

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