Where The Boys Are: Making the Most of Your Memorial Day Staycation

Your classes are over (hopefully), summer is almost here, and with Memorial Day fast approaching, it’s time to get your groove on and celebrate the long weekend. Not only is this the perfect opportunity to recharge and relax, but it’s also an ideal situation to get a leg up on finding your perfect summer fling. Here’s some tips on how to scope the hotties in your hometown:

Rekindle your high school crush: It’s summertime, so many college kids are enjoying their time off back at their parents’ houses. This means a lot of people are back in town that aren’t usually there, so feel free to reach out over Facebook to that cutie from your senior year English class and see what he’s up to.

Use your friends’ connections: Scope out who your girlfriends know – especially if they go to a different college than you. Most likely, they’ve become tight with some guys from your hometown that you didn’t know before. Encourage them to invite all their cute (single) buddiesover to the pool or a backyard cookout.

Make the most of the weather: Get outside! Head to a park, the beach, or whatever location attracts college guys. Going to places like these are a totally perfect way to chat up boys without any expectations. Plus, hanging outdoors in a public place is a good opportunity to meet non-sketchy types as opposed to trying to make conversation with some drunk dude at the bar.

Volunteer your time: Working as a camp counselor of volunteering for a charity like Habitat for Humanity is a sure-fire way to put you up-close-and-personal with a cutie with a heart of gold. Check around town and see what you can do to get involved!

— By Kara Apel


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