Why Should I Have To Pay to Graduate?

*At my university, I had to pay to _apply_ to graduate.* I think the cost was around $15 or $20 dollars, but I was a little perplexed. Is this just a formality? Didn’t I apply to the major….did they assume I wasn’t going to graduate? Didn’t I apply to go to school there…did they assume I wasn’t planning on finishing???

Then, once cleared for graduation, you have to rent the cap and gown, pay for announcements, pay to have your diploma sent to you in a pretty frame… _they even try to get you to buy an alumni T-shirt._ Check out a recent article on CNN about “the rising costs of graduation.”://www.cnn.com/2006/EDUCATION/05/03/pricey.graduation.ap/index.html

Fashion Blog: Has Anyone Smelled Jungle by Kenzo?

I’ve been wearing Banana Republic Classic since August…it’s a very uncomplicated, clean, citrus-y scent. *And I like it, but I need a change.* But everytime I go to Nordstroms or Sephora and start smelling perfumes, I can never find anything I like. Everything is either too flowery, too chemical-smelling or just too strong. I like Jungle by Kenzo… _well, I really like the bottle._ So I’m hoping I like the scent as well.

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