Win a College Mobile Speaker in the BTS Bash!

Bem Wireless

Bem Wireless College Mobile Speaker

Want to be the hit of the football tailgate? Or maybe you just want to find the smallest speaker possible for your cramped dorm room. Either way, Bem Wireless has got you covered!

UChic is giving away a College Mobile Speaker this week as part of our Back-to-School Bash Giveaway.

The speaker, which is about the size of a tennis ball, connects to any Bluetooth-enabled device, so you’ll be able to listen to your music wherever you want. It’s also got auxiliary and USB ports so you can plug in your phone or mp3 player.

The speaker has six hours of battery life, so you don’t have to worry about keeping it plugged in while you’re on the go.

Want to win? All you have to do to enter is to become a fan of UChic’s Facebook page and enter your information into the contest box. After that, you’ll be entered into a drawing for this week’s prize.

Have friends who would be interested in winning? You can refer up to two of your buddies to the contest, and when they sign up, you’ll get an extra chance to win that week.

Make sure to check back on Monday to find out if you won!

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