Yale University Faces Freshman Controversy

Well, it’s barely the first week of school, and some jackass over at Yale has already managed to get the entire university into hot water with feminists across the country.

According to a WNBC CT report, an anonymous email called the “Scouting Report” was sent out this week ranking 53 female freshman based on how many beers it would take before a guy would have sex with them. The oh-so-clever rankings (note the sarcasm) include “sober,” “5 beers,” and “10 beers.”

While the university is in the process of tracking down the idiot who started the whole thing, it remains to be seen if the person in question will even be punished. This isn’t sitting well with some of the freshman class OR WNBC viewers (40% of which voted this story as making them furious.)

“I totally thought high school cattiness was over,” notes one student.  “I thought I escaped all that coming here. I mean it was definitely shocking.”

Sweetie, this has nothing to do with cattiness and everything to do with blatant sexism and obvious stupidty. I’m sure a bunch of guys at Yale think this is really funny, but I doubt they’d find it as humorous is something went out about them with SIZE rankings like “cocktail pickle,” “baby cuke,” or “lack of girkin.”



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