Fears Grow Over Yaz Birth Control Pill

The commerical is sweet. Try Yaz, it’s really easy. It’s better then all the other birth control pills on the market, and oh yeah, it can help you with your acne, too. So many young women did. But some of them didn’t think it was so great  —  as a matter of fact, they saw it as a deadly mistake that lead to blood clots in their lungs and strokes, and now the FDA has the makers of this popular pill locked in their crosshairs.

According to a recent article on Jezebel, Bayer, the maker of Yaz, is in hot water due to 74 pending lawsuits regarding dangerous side effects, and now the FDA is investigating them for a SECOND time (the first was in regard to their claims that the pill could cure acne and PMS — Bayer was later forced to reshoot their TV commerical correcting this misinformation) after a chemical used in the pill failed inspection after being shipped from a German plant to the U.S.

I guess what makes me so angry about all of this is the way birth control pill makers tend to make it sound like you’re just popping a piece of candy. Having known someone who suffered a major stroke at the AGE OF 24 from birth control pills, I can tell you that it’s horrifying and unfair that other forms of birth control (like IUDs, Depo-Provera, and NuvaRing), don’t get the same kind of play on TV and in magazines as their pill counterparts.

Just be cautious and weigh your options before you decide on a form of birth control. There are so many side effects out there, it really pays to take the time to read the fine print – even if it IS hidden under a catchy tune and a bunch of syncronized swimmers…




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