Zombieland goes back to slasher flick basics

Think back: when was the last time you took in a good old fashioned zombie flick? Zombieland is just that – extra gore, hold the plot with a side order of quotable one-liners and celebrity cameos. This is not a movie about living with zombies, working with zombies, loving a zombie or having any interaction with zombies that doesn’t involve a machine gun. Zombieland is about one thing and one thing only – the business of killing zombies. For the four surviving humans left to fend for themselves against a world teeming over with the undead, business is booming.

The basic premise is this: the world as we know it has been overtaken by an un-deadly virus. Think swine flu, except as an actual epidemic …that turns you into a zombie. Only five living breathing humans remain – Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), the former World of Warcraft gamer shut in who lives by the rules of his own personal play-as-you-go Zombie Survival Guide and Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), the trigger happy tumbleweed vigilante on an unending search for an elusive Twinkie, along with Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin), two sisters who depend on each other and trust no one else. The fifth survivor is none other than Bill Murray. Or, as Tallahassee affectionately refers to him as, “Bill f—ing Murray.” If that doesn’t clue you in to the type of movie you’re about to see, then nothing will.

Columbus narrates the tale, interjecting scenes to explain why certain situations apply to his rule set. While Eisenberg’s awkward-boy Columbus may leave fans wondering if director Ruben Fleischer wasn’t able to book Michael Cera for the role, he plays perfectly off of Harrelson’s pistol-packing Tallahassee. Watching the group go from ‘every man for himself’ to something akin to a family is sweet, a characteristic most horror genre films aren’t able to carry.

There are only five words you need to remember while watching this movie: nut up, or shut up. That’s it. Don’t go looking for a plot, because beyond the Twinkie quest and the road trip to a (supposedly) zombie free amusement park, there is none. Which is how it should be – Zom Coms are notorious for gratuitous slicing and dicing in every way imaginable, and this film more than delivers. With shameless cursing, slap-stick humor buzzing chainsaws, razor-sharp garden shears and slow motion death sequences galore, Zombieland destined for cult classic status, and is like a comic book come to life. Or un-life.



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